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Do you have enough stamina for the studio & stage?

It's time for you to stop struggling to get through auditions, rehearsals, and performances.

Start thriving physically so you can perform at your best every. single. time.

The word "endurance" can bring up a lot of fears and held beliefs 

- That you won't ever be able to feel strong enough or stronger than your show
- You fear injuring yourself or pushing too hard
- You believe you will feel more tired with an intense training program
- Endurance means going harder and going longer, aren't we supposed to be finding more rest?


So why do you need this program?

Do you struggle:

- Getting through a whole show

- Running your dances multiple times

- Feeling extra sore after an audition

Do you wish you could:

- Trust your body to take on whatever an audition throws at you

- Give the same level of performance even on run through #5

- Have the energy and strength for more activity even with your show schedule

Do you:

- Want to invest in yourself?

- Want to be prepared for the future?

- Want to take back your energy?

You're in the right place!


From your favorite Broadway PT
Dr. Megan Wise

I have a mission to change the way is dance is taught and help performers build long, successful, and fulfilling careers. As a Physical Therapist for multiple Broadway and off-Broadway shows, dance companies, and individual performers and students, I have learned what performers want and what they really need. After 5+ years in the business, I've decided to use my experiences to not just rehab injured performers, but help empower performers to become smarter & stronger than their show while improving the quality of their career in the arts.

The S3 membership offers you

For 3 full months to start, then month-to-month
for less than your oat milk latte or protein smoothie!

Sign me up!

"Megan created an excellent, thoughtful and comprehensive program that helped me tremendously in getting back in dance-shape smartly and efficiently. She put a lot of thought into each aspect of the program and I felt significant changes in strength, mobility and endurance each week. While slowly getting back into dance classes alongside the program, I felt supported knowing that I was doing all of the proper functions I needed to safely go back into class. [During the program] I needed to dance 10 hours a day for a full week, and I know that without the program I would not have been in a healthy enough place to get through it. Can't recommend this enough to dancers wanting to jump back in with a solid plan!"


What are people saying about Megan's programs?

You could feel this way, too!
Don't you want in?

Is stamina really all that important?
Here's what researchers have to say:

Acute fatigue increases risk of leg injuries, especially ankle sprains, knee pain, and hamstring strains in dancers

ACL injuries specifically have been linked to fatigue in dance and sport

Injury rates increase in performers when they're tired and overworked -- later in the day or performance and later into the season

Performing artist injuries occur most often in training and work phases (rehearsals and performances) due to increased load and fatigue

Central fatigue affects mood, sleep, concentration, hormone levels, digestion, immune reactions, reflexes, and your ability to recover (example: burnout!)

Stamina is more than just physical: it is mental and emotional too – keeping your energy under control can make or break an audition, workshop, rehearsal, or class

Have a better plan in place for 2022 so you can book & keep your dream job without risking your body and health!

Sign up now to get your weekly workout plan, training calendar, modification advice, and on-demand access for just $100/month
(that's only $3.33 a day!)

The first WOW drops Jan 17, 2022
the first 10 people to register get a bonus mobility workout!

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