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Transforming performing artists on and off the stage


Dr. Megan Wise is a licensed physical therapist and a graduate of

New York University with a Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy.

She is also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher, and a Certified Life Coach.


Dr. Wise owns and operates Megan Wise PT PLLC, a private physical therapy clinic in New York City. She also co-owns Move Wise Health Studio, a health and wellness company focused on injury prevention, performance enhancement, and health and fitness coaching.


For the past six years, she has specialized in performing arts physical therapy and has treated the Broadway cast and crews of over 30 Broadway and Off-Broadway productions including Hamilton, Mean Girls, CATS, and Wicked.


She has also had the privilege of working with professional dancers from American Ballet Theatre, New York City Ballet, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and many others. She provides physical therapy services to film and television productions across New York City.


Dr. Wise regularly hosts workshops and talks for studios, schools, productions, and individual performers on topics such as: injury prevention, dance fitness and wellness, and maintaining a high-level performance career, among others. As a dancer and performer for 20+ years, she has struggled with multiple injuries and chronic pain, and uses this knowledge to educate performers, their teachers, parents, and directors/choreographers. She lives in NYC with her fiancé, Anthony, and rescue dog, Gizmo.

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Performing artists deserve more than the status quo.
My mission is to empower performers to return to the stage better than ever. 
Let's craft the career of your dreams.


I believe that you are strong, resilient, and capable of overcoming anything.

I know what it's like to...

  • Live through pain

  • Be ignored and misunderstood in healthcare

  • Feel like my body is in constant decline and cannot be trusted

  • Keep pushing for “perfection” and always falling short

  • Everything in my body is made to heal itself

  • Pain doesn’t have to control my life

  • I am not my diagnosis, injury, medical history, or MRI reports

  • Transformation is possible, one small step at a time

  • Movement + Mindset = Medicine

So Why Choose Me?

But I learned after years of studying and self-practice that...

I became The Broadway PT because basic physical therapy is not enough for artistic athletes.

I’ve crafted a safe space of health, wellness, and recovery for dancers, musicians, vocalists, and anyone who calls theater “home” so they can focus on their performance, pursue their passions, build the career of their dreams, and treat their bodies and minds well.

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What are people saying?


I first went to Megan for PT in August 2019 because I sprained my ankle the week before my Broadway debut. I was terrified, and so frustrated that I had tweaked my ankle from running down some stairs too quickly. She was incredibly calm and confident when handling my situation and completely deescalated my stress about it.


She genuinely cares about her patients and I always walk away from our PT sessions feeling good, not only because she has literally treated some of my pain away but because she is a great human to be around. Megan has given me so many great, useful tools to help me navigate how to do my job as a standby in the most physically efficient way and I am so grateful for her!


I have had the pleasure of being treated by Megan for over four years. With her practical knowledge, experience as a dancer, and innate empathy, Megan has successfully seen me through many injuries. Megan stands out from other physical therapists because of her innate desire to share knowledge about the body and how it works with her patients - she not only wants to make us "feel better", but also give us the tools to be independent, healthy, and responsible performers. I have had the pleasure of experiencing Megan’s versatility in teaching: she is well-versed in speaking to performers, office workers, and children in the most specific ways in order to achieve optimal fitness. Megan is my go-to physical therapist because of her knowledge of, love for, and honesty with the craft of physical therapy. Book your appointment now and get in her classes!


Megan is a one-stop shop and truly an expert when it comes to the dancer’s body! I’ve been dealing with two nagging injuries for many years that have been a constant battle for me. I actually started as a Pilates student and quickly realized that I would benefit immensely from her knowledge and skills through physical therapy.

While I’m still a work in progress, she puts in just as much time and effort as I do. It’s truly a partnership and the amount of energy she puts into each of her patients is evident. She’s quick to analyze and pinpoint problems all while creatively developing effective exercises. I’m happy with my progress and, thanks to her virtual group conditioning class, I’m the strongest I’ve ever been and know that one day I’ll be able to confidently take the stage again.


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