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So, you want more flexibility & strength to conquer your next contract in 60 days?

You're in the right place. This is the page to register for my new, un-named virtual program that will transform your health and body in 60 days.

I’m bringing you specific workouts, coaching calls, and downloadable systems to help make it easier for you to see noticeable flexibility and strength in 60 days so you can have a near-effortless routine for successful auditions, rehearsals, classes, and performances.


This means that over 60 days, expect to do:

  • 24 goal-specific workouts (of 20-30 minutes each)

  • 3 group coaching calls for community, validation, and feedback

  • 2 individual breakout session coaching calls

  • 1 warm-up and cool-down routine

  • Habit breaking/ changing “homework” to make everything stick once the 60 days are over

To register, you have to agree to a few things first.

You agree to:

  • Show up to & participate in individual and group coaching calls

  • Take charge of your health and make real changes in your daily routine

  • Commit to one system rather than try out 50 different things all at once and burning out

  • Give and receive feedback so we can all improve together

  • Work in a no-judgment zone/safe space where you aren’t judging others AND they’re not judging you (in good or bad ways)

The September 22 cohort is full!
Come back in November/December to join the Winter session

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