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Body Essentials

Practical Anatomy for dancers

An interactive course for dancers to learn how your bodies really work and how to keep moving well for a lifetime!

Are you ready to tap into your body’s potential?

We're diving into practical anatomy and applying it to dance and performance in this 6-week live intensive. Whether you’re a recreational performer, pre-professional, professional, or even a teacher or choreographer, you can discover what your body is made of and how to make it into better art so you can keep dancing throughout your lifetime.

Have you ever...

  • Felt confused, questioning, stupid, scared or worried about your body

  • Believed you'll always be injured or in pain

  • Though “Maybe I’m just not built to be a dancer”

  • Asked yourself, "Why can’t I get it? Why doesn’t my body just do what I want it do to?"


What if you could...

  • Feel empowered, validated, and safe in classes and performances

  • Gain confidence and appreciation of your body as it develops

  • Feel smarter and stronger in class, on stage, and everywhere else in life

  • Know how to make your body do things well without hurting yourself

  • Master your strengths and work with your weak spots so you dance happily for as long as you'd like to 

Body Essentials can get you there!

I'm Dr. Megan Wise

The Broadway PT

As a former dancer, I know what it felt like to deal with injuries, the stamina it takes to perform, and how to deal with a healthcare system that just doesn't get it! I have my doctorate of Physical Therapy from NYU and I am committed to working with performers while offering specialized treatment that you won't get from traditional PT.

I have worked with Broadway productions, the Radio City Rockettes, Ballet companies, and with YOU:  Individuals that need more than the status quo when it comes to treatment, training, and continuing education.

I'm here to help you invest in yourself!
Let's get started!

Be Happy & Healthy

Modern Dance Leap

Ready to work with me?

Most anatomy courses cost $1000s and require way more hours of training, homework, tests, labs, and memorization of things that don’t practically matter or apply to your life right now.

This course is specific to dancers with specialized knowledge that's applicable right now!

What do you get in the
Body Essentials course?

6 weeks, 10 people, 1 incredible course

Week 1

The Foot & Ankle

Week 2

The Knee

Week 3

The Hips

Week 4

The Lumbar Spine & Pelvis

Week 5

The Thoracic & Cervical Spine

Week 6

In each 90-minute module you'll learn:

  • Basic important anatomy for one body area

  • Basic function & what's normal for that body part

  • Common issues, precautions, & red flags 

  • Movement patterns & its relationship to the rest of the body

  • Best exercises for dancers to keep you strong and supple

  • Better ways to handle corrections, cues, and notes so you can apply this knowledge to your individual body

Each session will also have ample discussion, amazing visual aids, lots of movement, and will be recorded so you can rewatch or catch up if you miss anything!

The Shoulder

What past students have said




Megan's Body Essentials class brought me a newfound awareness and understanding of my body. As a performer I can usually “feel” when something isn’t right in my body but taking this course helped broaden my understanding of that by equipping me with the vocabulary. I especially liked the anatomy portions and the way I was able to see everything down from the bare bones to the muscles and tissues that lie on and around them. I also liked the replay option; I was able to use it when I missed a live class and needed the information. Megan is my favorite physical therapist and while I miss our in-person sessions, this was the next best thing!

Megan’s class is great! I learned so much about my body as a dancer. We were able to bring specific concerns and questions we had to her and she catered the lessons to our needs. I’m finding it so valuable as a dancer to finally start to understand some physiology and anatomy. Megan does such a great job of breaking down complicated terms to help the unscientifically minded understand.

The Body Essentials for the Empowered Performer helped me to further understand not only the common injuries and issues we face as performers, but to also open my mind to the full education of how my body works. The course deepened my knowledge of body care to prevent even the smallest of injuries. As an anatomy dork, I felt inspired with not only the knowledge to support my rigorous performance schedule, but I also understood the physical exercises that will aid my regimen. Megan is an absolute wizard with body health for performers. Every performer should equip themselves with this knowledge. It truly is essential as artists and this course absolutely empowers you with those tools.

The 2022 classes have closed!
Join us next year.

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