Biscuits to


If you have biscuits and have been stretching and pointing as hard as you can to no avail, this is the solution! Free eBook download with the 5 steps to transforming your feet.

health pro mentorship

Want to work with performing artists, but don't know how to get there? Acquire the skills, confidence, relationships, and business savvy to serve performers now.


Once you’re in a heel, everything in your body changes, so you have to train everything for it. Feel more secure and avoid injuries dancing in heels again with this comprehensive, self-paced course!

10(weeks) to Places

Are you ready to get back to the studio and the stage? Your body and mind need a specific kind of training to get back to work safely after spending over a year surviving a pandemic. Get in shape the right way!

Body essentials

This is a different kind of anatomy class! This is for performers of all ages and abilities who want to be better, faster, stronger, and smarter... and want to feel good dancing, singing, and moving!