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Biscuits to Beautiful

If you have biscuits and have been stretching and pointing as hard as you can to no avail, this is the solution! FREE eBook download with 5 steps to transforming your feet.

Navigating Healthcare map

Learn how to get the treatment you need without going broke.

Know the ins-and-outs of coverage, language, rules, laws, and what you should get from your providers and insurance through this FREE download! 

Body Essentials

This course in its original form is now closed.

Practical Anatomy for Dancers will take you from feeling fragile, fearful, and frustrated to strong, sure, and powerful in just 6-weeks. 

This course is currently closed.

10 (weeks) to Places Basic

This course in its original form is now closed.

We are revamping to bring you an even better way to get back to the stage better than ever! Make sure you get on the mailing list to be the first to hear about the new changes.

Health Pro Mentorship

This course is currently Sold Out! Make sure to get on the email list and we'll notify you when it's back!

Master Class Series

This course is closed for 2022 comeback in 2023 to rejoin.

Are the typical barriers of time and money preventing you from getting the answers you need? While one-on-one sessions might feel like the only way to really get specialized help, that is not the case anymore! Check out our master classes twice a month and finally get solutions to a variety of performing artist problems.


This course is currently closed for 2023. Join our mailing list to stay up to date!

Once you’re in a heel, everything in your body changes, so you have to train everything for it. Feel more secure and avoid injuries dancing in heels with this comprehensive, self-paced course!

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