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Once you’re in a heel, everything in your body changes,

so you have to train everything for it.

To get comfortable dancing in heels, there’s more to it than just making your ankles more stable. You need the whole body to be strong and coordinated to feel more comfortable and safe in your heels!

This course was designed to make you feel more comfortable and confident in your heels using a very simple system of exercises. After years of dancing and treating dancers, I've curated this routine to prevent injuries and keep people dancing longer.

The time and money spent on rehab after twisting an ankle, developing bunions, spraining your knee, and pulling your calves is HUGE! The average amount of PT time for these injuries can last anywhere from 6-20 weeks, and sometimes longer if there's multiple injuries and surgeries involved. Even if you have low copays, you can be shelling out hundreds of dollars trying to recover from injuries that could have been prevented or at least reduced to something less severe. 

You shouldn't have to wait to get this information until AFTER you've hurt yourself and am on my PT table; you should have it now!


The key components you need to stay upright in your heels are:

1. A Proper Warm Up 

2. A Strong Foot Core

3. Mobile & Stable Ankles

4. A Coordinated Pelvic Core

5. Stamina & Agility

6. A Relaxing Cool Down

This program includes videos for all 6 of the components above with commentary and one handout for exercise tips and suggestions. All for $65. Once you've registered, you have access to all of it. And, you will have and easy way to ask me questions or get more personalized assistance if you need it.

Get all of this AND know that you are also giving back. When you pay for the course, a portion is donated to The Center for Reproductive Rights, an organization that uses the power of law to advance reproductive rights as fundamental human rights around the world. 


If you're looking for a simple program that will guide you through any heel, even raked stages, without being afraid of getting injured, THIS IS IT!

Ready to take on the challenge?

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