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bridging the gap

get affordable, useful access to experts who know performing arts, health, & injury

These hour long workshops will cover a variety of topics but all will be specific to you, your profession, and your needs. 

No more basic info, we're diving deep and giving you tangible solutions to your questions, as we explore various aspects of performing arts.

Get advice, support, guidance, treatment, & solutions

You don't have to scour the internet for random information, hoping that Dr. Google and IG influencers are correct

You don't have to wait until you're severely injured or in pain to get treatment and guidance from a health professional

You don't have to trial-and-error advice from your teachers, coaches, trainers, and fellow dancers to see what actually works on you


You don't have to spend tons of time and money finding a local expert who can see you one-on-one for private sessions only 

You can get real solutions virtually with high-level experts the same way you do in the performing arts world-- in group master classes!

How these Master Classes work

Each Master Class is 1 hour of deep work to solve one specific problem

  • Each class is live, interactive, and personalized to the people in the Zoom room

  • Q&A is encouraged during each class

  • Experts are certified and/or licensed professionals

  • Classes are held twice per month

  • Drop-in and membership options available

The cost for this group work & treatment is less than $2 a day when you join the Master Class Membership!

To drop in for an individual class, just pay $35 and you'll get the Zoom link to join live.



If you want to save even more money, access the replays of classes, and get bonus materials, become a Master Class Member for only $59 per month*.

*You will still need to reserve your spot in each class to join live, but your class fees will be covered by the membership.

Hit "Book Now" below to sign up for class and choose your payment option:

This Month

August 9th: Dancing Through Life: The Aging Dancer

August 23rd: Jump Training: Higher, Faster, Better

Still have questions? Email us at for help.

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